Adam Davis – Introduction

Hi All,

My name is Adam Davis and I am a senior economics major.  I played jazz saxophone from 4th grade until senior year of high school, so I would say my musical roots lie in jazz.  Since then, I’ve gotten pretty into hip-hop (but I love all genres of music…except maybe Country); I’ve used Logic Pro pretty extensively to make beats and such (mostly hip-hop, some alternative/electronic), but I haven’t really experimented with other DAWs, which is something I’m looking forward to trying.

Looking forward to meeting many of you and listening to your music!


One Thought on “Adam Davis – Introduction

  1. amiekK on January 25, 2014 at 6:38 pm said:

    Hi fellow music-lovers!

    My name is Keima.
    I’m a filmmaker and musician experienced in singing, songwriting,video editing and sound design for film. I’ve played around with Reason, Garageband and Pro Tools. I’m currently learning guitar and piano in order to make song recording easier.

    After taking Sound Design in the PMA department and loving it, I wanted to continue learning about audio recording from a musical angle. I love hybrid genres, particularly the union of R&B and alternative.
    I’m looking to collaborate with other musicians this semester in order to create something new.


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