Assignment 0

Hello all! My name is Stephen Rothman – I’m a senior in ILR. My music interests are all over the place – rap, EDM, classic rock, country, alternative – and I usually listen to whatever matches my mood. I’ve always been more attuned to beats and instrumentals than lyrics, maybe because that component elicits more of an emotional response. I played alto sax in middle school and part of high school but haven’t done much music making since then.

I’ve been intrigued with mixing and remixing songs for awhile now. Messed around and came up with some super low quality stuff on Garageband last semester, so I figured this class would be cool and helpful to hopefully improve on that interest. Specifically, I’d like to learn how to seamlessly blend transitions and simultaneously overlap songs (i.e. instrumental from one song with lyrics from another song).

Bucket list concert: Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden

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