Assignment 0 by Amy Wang

I’m sitting in my room late at night and hear the constant thrum of my little desk fan. Its little whirring fills the whole room, which usually helps me sleep, but it never manages to mask the sounds of neighbors talking through the walls. I’m fairly sure it’s a male voice, and it’s somewhere above me. The words are completely indistinguishable, and they have an echoey quality to them, as if they’re coming from some far off place. Suddenly, there’s a slight rumbling as a drawer slides out of a dresser; I can’t pinpoint where it’s coming from, since it’s just as disembodied as the voice, which at this point seems to constantly change position. At one moment, I can hear it most clearly from my left ear, and the next moment, my right. There’s a slight thud of something being placed on the floor somewhere (presumably above me still), and the voice falls silent.

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