Assignment 0 by Rae Chen


A sunny afternoon, I’m sitting on my bed and facing the window. It is really loud here. On my left ear, I hear my mom washing dishes in the kitchen from the door, the sound of tap water, the clean collision sounds of dishes, then my mom’s phone rings and she stops the water and dishes and starts to talk. Then on my right ear, the sound of the computer fan has been annoyed me since this early morning. It’s a consistent white noise sound, and because of how consistent it is, even if it is quite quiet, my right ear starts to hurt. Then there are sounds coming from the outside of the window. The window is fully closed, but it doesn’t block the noises at all. I live in the 10th floor, I can hear planes flying by on top from left to right in every 2 to 10 minutes, sometimes there would be pitches that I can recognize; I also hear beeping from cars, someone yelling on the street, then the alarm sounds from fire trucks. At the end I have to change my sitting position because the computer fan sound on the right hurt my right hear and starts to give me an headache. I turn to face the computer now and my right ear feels a great relief.  A long-time consistent sound is better to stay in the center so that both ears get balanced “listening loads”.

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