Assignment 0: Daniel Massillon

Hey y’all my name is Daniel Massillon, most people call me Danny. I’m a senior biology major and business minor on the pre-med track in Arts and Sciences. I was also added off the waitlist just before the add deadline, and I’m really grateful to be in this class. I grew up in a city called Lynn about 20 minutes north of Boston. I’ve been involved with music in some way since I was 3. I started off learning to play the piano by ear at 3 and started taking lessons when I was 5 until I turned 17. I was always into R&B music production and songwriting and I started making my own ‘Chris Brown-like” songs in 3rd grade. I started singing in the school choir at 5 and started singing in church when I was 10. In highschool, I was able to take a couple of music production classes and work with Audacity, Garageband, and Ableton to make a short demo album. I’m familiar with professional studio equipment. Here at Cornell, I sing and I still casually produce and write. I wanted to take this course because I’m really eager to learn more about audio manipulation in this class and become better at editing and mixing. I also want to get acquainted with a different type of production workflow (usually I work with MIDI more so than raw audio recordings). I would love to collaborate with anyone else who’s interested in songwriting. I’m open to all genres!

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