Assignment 0: Jack Pilon

Hey everyone, my name’s Jack and I’m a junior studying information science. My musical experience started when I was in elementary school, playing the string bass for my school’s orchestra. I played string bass all the way through high school, but I never really found a real interest in making music until I picked up the guitar in late high school. I wish I played more consistently, but in the past few years it’s become more of a decoration in my room. As much as this year’s Covid situation has been horrible, the one silver lining that came out of it for me was picking up the guitar again with my (ample) free time. Since quarantine, I’ve started writing some music on my guitar, and recently started experimenting recording with Logic. I’m taking this class because I found a real interest and appreciation for music production this year, and I want to better develop creatively and hone my skills. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone this semester and I’m down to collaborate!

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