Assignment 0: Lazarus Ziozis

Hey Everybody! My name is Lazarus Ziozis and I’m a senior in the A&S school getting a degree in economics with minors in history and business. In terms of musical experience, I’ve played the trombone for 7 years. Also, in the past 3 years, I’ve self-taught myself on how to use both Traktor and Rekordbox to DJ live parties. This has evolved into me making mixes and releasing them on SoundCloud.

I’ve dabbled in producing music and used to have FL Studio on my PC in high school, but I was never able to make a coherent piece of music. I hope that through this class, I will finally be able to get my ideas down on a program like Ableton, so I can finally make a piece of music I am proud of.

In terms of my music tastes, I listen to a variety of different genres such as deep house, country, alternative, Pop/R&B, classic rock, punk, and metalcore. I hope my final project will be a piece that incorporates some elements from each of these genres. I’m looking forward to learning more about music production and collaborating with others!

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