Assignment 0: Luc Wetherbee

Hey folks, I’m Luc. I’m a senior chemistry major and Spanish minor. I have a pretty broad music taste, but I gravitate most strongly toward death and doom metal and other adjacent metal subgenres. I also like a wide range of electronic music, from well-known electro house and melodic dubstep to breakcore and dark industrial. I’ve also been riding the hyperpop wave that has surged in very recent years. I’ve been interested in making electronic music for a while, and one of my goals in making music is finding out what styles I enjoy producing the most.

While I’ve picked up and never committed to a few instruments, most of my DAW experience comes from playing around with LMMS and Reason. What I want to learn from this course the most is how to familiarize myself with the technical aspects of music production so that they are less intimidating, and how to make my own samples.

2 Thoughts on “Assignment 0: Luc Wetherbee

  1. Hi Luc!! I love the idea of making music to figure out what you wanna make, thats awesome! i really hope you find the secret wild overlap btwn dark industrial and hyperpop 😀

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