Assignment 0 – Maya Behl

I decided to stop and listen to my current soundscape in the midst of my afternoon walk in Logan Square, a neighborhood in Chicago. Because I decided to listen to a soundscape in the middle of a street,  the most prominent sound I heard was the hum of the cars passing by.  While I’d usually perceive this as noise pollution, I tried to take a deeper listen into the intricacies of the car sounds. I heard the whooshing noise of the air when cars drove by very fast and the slushing of the snow being crushed by cars parking up and down the street. The street wasn’t super populated so I was able to very clearly hear the conversations of people who passed by. I made out small segments of conversation between a group of young women who had just grabbed coffee. Their chatter was light, and they were wearing healed boots that made a clacking sound against the pavement. Next, a mother walked by carrying her baby who seemed to be just a few months old. She was making gentle cooing noises in order to soothe her child. I loved listening to this soundscape because there was nothing sonically constant even though I had been standing in the same place, which kept me very interested.

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