Assignment 0: Rose Zhou

I used to study in the top floors of Willard Strait before Covid in these rooms blocked off by the door. Since it looks like it was closed off when I visited, I sat in the hallway instead, and noticed a lot of foot steps echo loudly from the lower floors. I’m not sure what it is about older buildings but it felt like the footsteps from 2 floors down were louder than my own, and I’m guessing the sounds might’ve amplified as they echoed upwards. It was also so quiet and since the door had a hole in it, I could hear the people on the other side turning pages of a book. Overall, it felt like from where I was that sounds from farther away were so much louder than if they were sourced from the same room as me due to the structure and material of the building. There was also an eerie humming noise that I couldn’t tell what the source was, but might’ve been a bunch of ambient noises that faded and echoed together, so it felt both quiet and not totally quiet in a creepy way.

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