Assignment 0: Stephen Newcomb

Hey guys! My name is Stephen, I am a junior pursuing an independent major in Immersive Computing focusing around Virtual and Augmented Reality. I have been playing the saxophone for about 10 years and also play some other random instruments like tuba and clarinet. I’m really passionate about jazz ever since I joined my middle school’s jazz band and play in the jazz ensemble on campus. I am also a huge gamer and am extremely interested in game design, ludomusicology and sound design for video games. I have worked with Ableton Live 10 to make music for the Intro to Game Design course and my roommate and I make music together in our spare time, but I still haven’t really gotten a firm grasp on all the in’s and outs of the software so I am extremely excited for this class!

One Thought on “Assignment 0: Stephen Newcomb

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Sound and videogames are one of my favorite topics of interest. I would love to know more about your gaming projects!

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