Assignment 0: Will Smith

Hi! My name’s Will and I’m a senior CS major. I took classical piano lessons for most of my life but now I play more alternative/indie music. I also sing, play the guitar (acoustic and electric), and, to a lesser extent, play bass and drums. I write music, I have experience with arrangement and recording, and I have performed a lot in the past.

I’m hoping that this class will teach me new things about digital music production that I can leverage in my recordings, but I also want to explore different ways of creating music. I love playing with other people and am totally open to collaboration.

One Thought on “Assignment 0: Will Smith

  1. phoebeirene on September 7, 2020 at 5:33 pm said:

    Hey will! I would also say I lean towards alternative/indie genre in my songs now and would be down to collaborate sometime!

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