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Some notes after 2:55 Section

Hola everyone!

I forgot to comment about the upcoming deadline for assignment 1, next Tuesday 17th. More importantly, there are recorders in the library that you can check out and start creating your own library of sounds. Open your ears to our sounding world and grab those sounds that inspire you, store them, and play with them!

(This is a little song from the psychedelic era to find inspiration:

This week it was great to see you all work and play with sound in a destructive (Audacity) and non-destructive (Ableton) way. We learned the creative and political dimension that have mixed sounds, speech, and language. Restoring Neil Armstrong’s testimony and thinking about how recording material has a huge social implication in the piece “Come out” by the composer Steve Reich.

You can listen to the entire piece here, and if you want more info about the Harlem Six and the context of this piece there is this great article about it.


See you all in class!!



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