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Assignment 0: Cindy Zhang

Hello everyone!

My name is Cindy, and nice to meet you all in this course!

I am a second-year Master in Information Science. Being an amateur in music, I like playing the piano, and especially likes to search for the piano versions of the songs I like. While listening to music, I would always think about the way to interpret it only by piano in order to keep the original patterns of the music as well as adding on the unique characteristics of piano. I have made several piano version sheets for my favorite music using Musescore. The experience of polishing my composition is really enjoyable.

I found that this course is mainly about learning music synthesis and composition. Taking this course, I am looking forward to getting to know how to use digital music softwares and tools such as launch pad, which is a completely new area for me. I hope I could gain inspirations not only in transferring songs to piano versions, but also creating my own rhythm and composition with various instruments or resources. I am also excited to learn from everyone, to know their favorite and advanced areas, and make friends with people with same interest.

Again, I’m happy to meet everyone, and hope we could have a great time exploring computer music!


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