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Music 1421 Assignment 0: Crystal Lee

Hi everyone! My name is Crystal and I’m an M. Eng student studying biomedical engineering. I’ve played the violin for 13+ years now. While I’ve participated in a bunch of orchestras and chamber groups, my favorite part of making music has always been improvising and jamming out with fellow musicians. I loved composing as a kid, and that drive to create my own music never left me – which is what brings me here. I’ve been dying to learn how to produce songs and to learn how to use the digital tools available today to make all kinds of new sounds. Throughout the semester I hope to figure out how to produce my own catchy pop song, heartfelt ballad, and epic movie soundtrack.

My hobbies include drawing (digital art), language learning (French, Japanese, Korean), singing, and voice acting. Let me know if you have any ideas that call for these misc. skills, I’d love to collaborate!

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