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Music 1421- Assignment 0

Hey everyone, my name is Daniel Kozek and I am a senior majoring in ILR. Though I haven’t played in a few years, I played the trumpet from the age of ten through my senior year of high school. During that time I was a member of my school’s wind ensemble for eight years, jazz band for six years, and a brass quartet for two years. In high school I also started to become interested in EDM, a genre which I have only become more passionate about in college. But while I invest hours of my time each week finding new songs, updating playlists, and discovering artists, I know relatively very little about production. This lack in knowledge and absence of experience is what drew me to this class. Over the course of this semester, I hope to both gain proficiency in software and learn from the diverse expertise of my peers in order to enrich my appreciation for the music I love.

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