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2421 Concert 1, Spring 2022

Here are your performances from the 1st concert of the semester, in no particular order. Congratulations – they’re all absolutely spectacular! Unfortunately, there is some extreme video freezing, probably due to CPU shortages on my laptop, which I’ll have to sort out before the next concert(s); however, I am glad that at least these videos offer some kind of documentation for your fabulous performances. Please feel free to share and leave comments on each other’s work, building on from our excellent conversations during the week. Happy Friday!

Nina Yang:

Zachary Bellido:


Will Swartzentruber:


Teddy Rashkover:


Sarah Rubin:


Rae Chen:


Paul Casavant:


Maya Behl:


Matthew Guo:


James Shaul:


Isaac Newcomb:


Faris Aziz:


Damon Hollenbeck:


Brian Chu:


Amy Wang:


Alex Peng:


Ableton Live Trial

Below is the link to download the Ableton 10 Suite trial – this will be available on your computer for 90 days, by which point you will have purchased one of the instruments for this course that is packaged with Ableton Live Lite:

Please download and install before Thursday’s lab (09/17).

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