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Assignment 0: Lucas Petrello

Hello! my name is Lucas. I am a senior studying Environment and Sustainability Sciences and I was raised in New York City. Before college, my prominent musical experience was my involvement in a chorus called the Young Peoples Chorus of NYC (YPC). While unaffiliated with my old high school, YPC would have after school rehearsals for performances in competition as well as for large and small scale media events. Besides the chorus, I had a couple of years of piano lessons in like 4th grade. I am taking this course because I have had an interest in music production for quite a while. I have experience making beats and various musical pieces on FL studio every now and then for the last 5-6 years. I enjoy listening to and making all kinds of music: Hip-hop, EDM, Lo-Fi, R&B, Video game music, movie soundtracks, etc. I believe this course will be lots of fun, teach me lodes of useful skills and hopefully guide me on a clearer path for my future.  I’m always willing to collab or help out with some unbiased feedback, just email me at!

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