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Sorry for the double post but I figured it was relevant

Also, I was watching this series on YouTube made by genius where they take popular songs and ask the producers about how they made it. My favorite one so far has been the making of Passionfruit by Drake where Nana Rogues, the producer, talks about how he tried to make a beat that felt like clouds. It’s the fifth video in the playlist if you guys want to skip to it. I found it really interesting and I hope everyone enjoys.

Pablo here

Hey everyone

My name is Pablo Ruiz and I am a sophomore in Electrical Engineering. I’m from College Park, Maryland and I have a passion for waves. It all started back in 10th grade physics when we did a unit on sound waves. Just learning about timbre, frequency, and overtones interested me so much that, long story short, I decided to become an electrical engineer (I figured they worked with waves). I love music and I love discovering new sounds. I listen to mainly indie and rap music. I flip between the two depending on where I am (rap back at home and indie at school). I have zero experience with sound production but I am super interested and very excited to learn. I am in the Chorale here and I can play the violin, piano, a little bit of guitar and even less harmonica.

Excited for this semester

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