Ben Stewart — Assignment 0

Hey guys, my name is Ben and I’m a freshman in CAS. I played drums for about 5 years but stopped a few years ago, as I couldn’t find the time or space to practice anymore. Being a drummer, I never really learned much about music theory, but I’ve been messing around in Logic Pro X recently and wanted to develop my skills through this course. I would say that I’m a very rhythmically-driven guy — I love solid beats and grooves that make you bob your head. My musical interests and influences are really all over the place. I’ve been invested in jambands for a while now, mostly Phish and Grateful Dead, but some of my other favorite artists are Tame Impala, Daft Punk, Nujabes, Victor Wooten, and a lot of old-school hiphop (and some newer rap, too). I don’t really have any specific styles or types of music that I’m looking to make this semester, but rather just experiment like a lot of my influences. I’d be happy to collaborate with anyone on anything.

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