Score11 Documentation

SCORE-11 (Brinkman, 1981 & 1990) is a note-list pre-processor for the CSOUND compiler,[1] which was written by Barry Vercoe at MIT. SCORE-11 was written by Alexander Brinkman of the Eastman School of Music. The SCORE-11 input syntax is based, with some important extensions, on the well known SCORE program (used on the Stanford-Ircam MUS10 system) by Leland Smith (Smith, 1972 & 1980). A composer who is familiar with either pre-processor will have no problems changing to the other one. This will reduce dependency on a specific music system. Some features of SCORE were not implemented in SCORE-11. These are mostly the features that allow data to be copied from one instrument block to another. Several features wer added to SCORE-11 to make it very powerful.

You will find SCORE-11 to be of great help in the process of defining the hundreds of events that make up a composition. In the following pages you will find a comprehensive manual introducing and describing in detail the various features of SCORE-11.

[1] SCORE-11 was originally designed for Vercoe’s MUSIC11 system. MUSIC11, which was written in PDP-11 assembly language, was replaced in 1986 by CSOUND, a version of the program written in the programming language C, and which runs on many different computer systems. SCORE-11 works well with either version of Vercoe’s program, which will be referred to as CSOUND in this manual except where the distinction is important.

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