Score11, mksffuncs usage

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MKSFFUNCS usage summary

mksffuncs – A  script that creates Csound gen1 function definitions for soundfiles in a format suitable for inclusion in SCORE11 input files.


mksffuncs [-flag(s)] infile1 [infile2] [infileN] [> outputfile]

where valid flag options are

-f : the following argument(s) are ascii files containing
lists of soundfiles, rather than the names of soundfiles
-s : before creating the functions, sort the soundfiles by
pitch abbreviation (lowest to highest pitched, then unpitched)
-N : (must be in CAPS) the next argument gives the number for the first
(lowest numbered) function definition

Multiple flag option can be given one at a time or concatenated. Soundfile arguments are the names of soundfiles in your current working soundfile directory or in any of the 44.1 k or 96 k sflib directories.
To include soundfiles from one of your soundfile subdirectories, include the subdirectory name or the full path name.


(1) mksffuncs irishwhist.short.a4.wav fl.c4.wav

Result: Function definitions are created for the 44.1k sflib soundfiles wind/irishwhist.short.a4.wav      and wind/fl.c4.wav:

* f1 0 262144 -1 “irishwhist.short.a4.wav” 0 0 0 ; < 3.473 sec
* f2 0 262144 -1 “fl.c4.wav” 0 0 0 ; < 3.473 sec

(2) mksffuncs -N 20   irishwhist.short.a4.wav fl.c4.wav

Result: same as above, but  function numbers begin with f20 rather than f1

* f20 0 262144 -1 “irishwhist.short.a4.wav” 0 0 0 ; < 3.473 sec
* f21 0 262144 -1 “fl.c4.wav” 0 0 0 ; < 3.473 sec

(3) mksffuncs -fs playlist1 playlist2
(or mksffuncs -s -f playlist1 playlist2)

Result: Functions are made for the soundfiles listed in ascii files “playlist1” and “playlist2″ and are sorted from lowest to highest pitched.”

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