Danny Carpenter – Introduction


My name is Danny, and I’m a junior undergrad in Computer Science. I’ve played saxophone through high school and I can play basic things on a piano, but I don’t consider either at performance quality. The main reason I’m taking this class is because I’ve never done any electronic music creation, and I’m hoping I can get introduced to some of the tools to give me a starting point. I also consider game design one of my interests, and I’m especially interested in music that changes dynamically based on actions taken by the player.

I’d also like to advertise a start-up I’ve worked with before, because some people in the class might be interested. Thinkplay¬†creates programmable “ePedals” that can be linked with audio/video triggers and traded with others online (it’s better described on the website, I personally didn’t work on the hardware/audio part of the software). If that interests you, I think they’re currently looking for beta testers, and if you are a programmer I think they’re always looking for more people to work on the software.

Anyway, looking forward to taking the course and seeing what everyone creates!

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