FA19 1421 Assignment 0 – Hoggie Kwon

Hi everyone,

My name is Hoggie (pronounced like the sub), and I’m a senior majoring in Economics. I’ve been passionate about music since around middle school – I was in a progressive rock band as a guitarist back then, which took up most of my time growing up. We both covered songs and composed our own pieces, and promised each other that we would eventually meet in Berklee to continue our musical careers. Well, here I am studying something completely different in Cornell, but the twins in the band actually stuck to their dreams and accomplished some milestones here in the states studying and performing jazz music – you should check them out! They go by “The Maguire Twins.”

I on the other hand, got into electronic music a few years ago, and spent some time here and there producing my own tunes, primarily using Logic and FL Studio. I’d say I’m still a beginner though – I never took formal lessons on digital music and also wasn’t too dedicated in making something out of it.

I’m not picky when it comes to genres that I appreciate, but at the moment, I love listening to house, techno, future funk, modern r&b/jazz, and pretty much anything that sounds pristine, crisp and well-produced with noticeable electronic influences!

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