hello everyone

My name is Marcus Wetlaufer. I’m a senior communications major but my main interests are music and radio related. I’ve been a radio DJ for around 8 years now and I’ve interned for 2 summers at SiriusXM as a music programmer (which sounds like coding but its not- I helped plan/organize/segue media content) and I’ve also interned at Atlantic Records and at the Jagjaguwar/Secretly Canadian/Dead Oceans sister labels in A&R and music discovery. I spend nearly all of my free time listening to and exploring new and niche fields of music. I also collect records and play guitar (poorly). I think there is so much room for creative and beautiful music in the digital space, especially in new and experimental music. I am so often inspired by the things i hear when it comes to computer generated and assisted music that this class seemed like the perfect place to expand my knowledge and get involved in the creation of it as well. Generally, I am fascinated by all things music-related and so this class really excites me as it looks like I am going to learn a lot about my greatest passion.

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