Hello fellow musicians

My name is Valeryan Besselyanov, but I go by Val to most. I am a senior chemistry major who has been wanting to take this course for almost my entire time here. I have been playing guitar/bass for about 8 years, know a bit of piano, and am a decent singer. I have involved myself with many musical projects throughout the years, ranging from duos, to full-fledged bands with recordings and live shows, to solo creations. I have a few years of experience recording/mixing and composing music, both instrumental and electronic-based. My program of choice is Ableton Live. I am also a member of Cornell’s Improvisation Ensemble. I am extremely excited to be honing in on my interests¬† in a formal setting because I’ve basically been winging it this whole. Making music is my favorite thing to do in the world so I expect to broaden my skills and produce some wonderful new things, whether it is on my own or in collaboration with others.

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