Hello World!

My name is Paul DeVito and I am a computer science major and music minor. I am fascinated by the intersection between music and the digital world, and have some experience creating songs using virtual instruments and making simple edits in Acoustica Mixcraft. I am a part of Cornell’s student composition club: Contrapunkt. We gather musicians to put on concerts each semester to allow students to have their work performed. If anyone here is interested just shoot Martin Mahoney an email (mjm676 AT cornell.edu).

I played viola, piano, and percussion in high school, though have only kept up with piano. I brought up my viola this semester with the hopes that something will give me inspiration to actually play it, but so far nope. I am currently writing a piano trio and looking for some musicians to record with me :). Plz lmk if interested.

Looking forward to making music with yall!

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