Henry Graney – Assignment 0

My name is Henry Graney and I am a senior at the ILR School. I am interested in taking Music 1421 as a result of my work experiences as well as my musical preferences. I am looking to establish a base knowledge of music production so that I may pursue production as a hobby.

As a musician, I have played French Horn and sung from age 12 until recently when practice took up too much of my time. I was raised in a house of varied musical tastes which has informed my own musical appreciation. I am always looking for and appreciative of new musical expressions.

I have interned at boilerroom.tv, MoMA PS1, and Genius, and gained incredible insight into the production of live events, specifically music that heavily relies on electronics. My favorite musical performances are by DJs playing house/techno/baile/afrobeat/hip-hop. With a diverse interest in music, I am hoping to find a production sound that resonates with me and that I may expand upon in my personal time.

I am extremely excited to be a part of this class and look forward to meeting and working with my classmates.


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