Hey, call me Amin

Hi everyone,

My name’s Amin Nikbin and I’m a fourth-year undergraduate linguistics and philosophy major with a math minor. I’m from a suburb called Richmond Hill up by Toronto in the Great White North. Musically, I have played the clarinet in ages past and long forgotten how to do so, touched a piano with furtive interest but never actually learnt how to play one (which remains an endless obsession), and bought my first electric guitar for my sixteenth birthday and since produced various noises with the strings, few of which I’d dare to call music. My tastes find themselves heavily restricted within the bounds of contemporary metal (I am no subgenre purist but I could list dozens for you), though they venture on occasion into varieties of electronic music, classical, and instrumentals. I’ve long wanted to compose, and often draw out lengthy improvisations in my head, but weakness in musical theory and training means all my mental experiments have so far been doomed to be forgotten before I could record them. This is one reason I want to take this course – to perhaps learn how I might actually begin composing music. I also feel the flexibility and independence afforded by producing with a computer would be very useful to have if I’m to make music as a hobby, which is my intention. I have a plethora of ideas, most ill-formed and unimpressive, all centred on creating something that can genuinely make me feel. I think I’d rather like to collaborate, if somebody else is interested.

Strictly speaking I’m not yet enrolled in the course, but at second on the waitlist I’ve got my fingers crossed.


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