Hey I’m Cagla!

Hello people I’m Cagla (read as Chala, I know its hard). I’m a sophomore Fine Arts Major, English and recent Music minor. I play the piano (intermediate, I mean I’m good at learning but not at improv or anything) and have been singing since I was 6. So I do love singing I am down to help out in any vocals needed or collabs. I want to go into art and creative directing, focusing hopefully on video and music. As an art major though, I mostly draw, do photography and video or digital art. I have always been in love with music and as years passed I realized I wanted to make music but didn’t ever know how. So hopefully this class and others in the future will help me put the music in my head out into the real world. I am very excited and happy to work with others and learn from all of you! Also as someone who loves literature (obvious as an english minor) and wants to be a writer maybe I love writing and poetry so I will definitely try out lyric-writing too.

Favorite music or artists I would say include Muse and Radiohead, especially their song Exit Music is a favorite, I grew up with rock so Journey, Queen automatically come to mind. But I love a lot of genres from punk like Sex Pistols to rap such as Kendrick Lamar.

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