Hey my name is Dylan

Hey guys! I’m Dylan and I am a senior in the Hotel School. My musical instrument background begins and ends with my days of playing the recorder in 4th grade unfortunately. However, I constantly consume music and have been setting up live sound for concerts for quite some time now. I have a bit of experience producing electronic based compositions for a class I took last semester called “Sounds of Protest” (worked with field recordings/samples at great lengths). I am really excited for Intro to Computer Music for many reasons. Not only will it be invigorating to have a creative outlet for my thoughts and ideas, but also I would love to learn  more about the way live sound and recording works since that is an integral part of my extracurricular experience here at school. I guess my creative agenda is one that looks to learn and grow through collaboration and explores the boundaries of sound and the overall “construct” of music, and the preconceived notions that come with that. Also, very excited to also attempt to employ some sort of visual/physical art along with the sonic elements that will inherently be at play.

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