This is Ray Kim, a senior majoring in chemistry.  I do not really play any musical instruments.  I learned a little bit of this and that but I would hardly call myself even an “amateur” at any.  I do not have much background knowledge in music either.  Though, I have been working on some sequencing programs such as cubase and flstudio for several years now.  I somewhat felt that certain things were better for me to be learned than to rely on my raw intuition such as tweaking the sounds because I just could not simply play with the sounds without understanding them.

I was more of an urban and hiphop type of guy, but recently got intrigued by electronic music, especially this genre called dubstep.  I personally feel that acoustic music is the one that is hard to get tired of, and I am wondering how I can connect acoustic and dubstep smoothly while keeping the strengths of both.

But, that is merely my recent interest, and I am willing to try anything interesting that comes while taking this course.  I am definitely willing to collaborate if there is something I can do for the team.

I hope we’d have a great semester taking this course.

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