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My name is Adit Arya, and I am a computer science major pursuing a game design minor. I had a friend who took this course last year and he was the one who got me interested in electronic music and the process of making your own sounds and beats. I have some music knowledge – I played the piano for 6 years and the violin for 2. I haven’t really used a variety of different music software, mainly used Adobe Audition and Audacity. I have messed around a bit with some different iPhone apps like Figure.

As a part of the game design minor, I am following the Graphics vector of the CS major and am interested in the integration of creative studies with a technical/programming aspect. I have taken various digital arts and modeling courses to see how computer science can be extended into fields such as architecture and design.

In this class, I hope to further explore my interests of combining creative fields with my computer science skills.


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