Hi, I’m Austin!

Hi everyone!

My name is Charles Jordan, but I go by my middle name Austin. I’m a senior in Arts and Sciences, and I’m double majoring in China & Asia-Pacific studies and mathematics. Growing up, I played trumpet, piano, and tenor sax, sang in various choral groups, and I studied music theory in high school. I haven’t had the opportunity to continue my involvement in music since starting at Cornell, but that’s why I’m really excited about this class– I can’t wait to get back into it!

I just returned to Cornell after spending a year and a half studying and working abroad. I was inspired to take this class after meeting a good friend in Beijing who was involved with the electronic music scene in China. I enjoyed seeing the work he did and began to experiment with music production on my own, but I’m looking forward to studying it rigorously. I’m currently interested in blending elements of traditional Chinese music with my work. I enjoy a huge range of musical genres, and I’m interested in any kind of collaboration!

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