Hi, I’m Colin

Hey all,

My name is Colin Barber and I am a junior in CALS studying microbiology. I have a decent background in music–I have been playing cello for 11 years now, I have been learning to play viola da gamba (a six-stringed instrument popular in the Renaissance), and I can play a limited amount of electric bass. In the past, I have played with the Cornell Symphony and I am currently involved with Cornell’s Viol Consort, a small ensemble for viola da gamba players. I love to listen to “classical” music of many forms, though I have a strong passion for large orchestral works, especially those of the early twentieth century. I have dabbled in amateur classical composition in the past, but that has never amounted to much. Here’s an example of something I wrote a little over 3 years ago. (The audio is totally synthetic and not the highest quality, but you get the picture) The point is, my musical experience has been, in a word, classical.

So why am I taking this course? In short, I would like to discover and foster an appreciation for electronic music (which a lot of you seem to have experience in already) and potentially create some of my own. Ideally, I will be able to combine my passion for classical music with some of the electronic techniques we’ll learn. I am absolutely interested in collaborating with other people; please contact me if I can be of some help!

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