Hi! I’m Kelvin Jin

I’m Kelvin, and I’m a junior studying Computer Science in Arts & Sciences. I’m taking this class because I’m interested in composing and producing music!

As far as experience goes, I played piano for about four years when I was really little (circa elementary school), and violin for five years, so I have some music theory background – though I haven’t had any formal education in music since then. I began writing music in 2008, and in 2010 started to create music for a game I was making (recall: I’m a CS major). The game didn’t get very far, but I’ve been continuing to write music up until now. Also, in the past year or so I’ve started using FL Studio as a production tool. I’m still learning, though.

I primarily enjoy listening to electronic music (esp. house, trance, liquid dubstep & dnb) and I’m a sucker for catchy melodies and complextro in particular.

I look forward to meeting you all, and learning more about making music with computers!! 🙂

Kelvin Jin

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