Hi i’m Peiwen

Hi, my name is Peiwen. I am a senior hotel school student.

I am very interested in all kinds of music. Most of the songs I listen to are Chinese, so I do not know about many American composers. I want to learn about the differences between Chinese and American music.

I know a little about music theory and play a little piano and guitar. But I am really not good at any of those. Because  I don’t think I can do music for living so I did not put much time in to music playing instruments. However, I still want to learn a little about how to make music in studio, especially some electronic music. I have seen people making electronic music in many fun ways, and it is so fascinating.

Coming to this class, I am very concerned about my music theory and the lack of music instrument playing skills. I will try my best in group projects hopefully I can be helpful.

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