I’m Jenae

Hey everyone,

I’m Jenae. I mostly play saxophone and guitar at the moment, but I like to collect and learn how to play whatever I can get my hands on, including trumpet, oud, swarsangam, may, fife, bodhran, etc etc. I’ve been interested in music and sound all of my life. My first time around in college I majored in Mechanical Engineering and minored in Jazz Performance, and spent most of my career in acoustics and noise control engineering. Now I want to get back more to my creative side and study composition. I am still interested in the technical side of things, so this course seems like a great fit for me.

From this course I’m hoping to get started in composition, learning some of the skills that can help me more easily get all of the music that’s in my head into a form that other people can work with/appreciate. I’m also hoping to learn some tools that will let me automatically generate music. I’m very interested in the intersection between music, science, technology, and psychology, and I plan to build what I learn here into some ideas I have that would combine these fields.

As far as performance experience, I have played in concert, marching, and jazz bands at the high school and collegiate level, and have had side bands that make up music out of thin air (completely improvised), or span a wide variety of genres (such as the avant-blues-indie-funk-classical-jazz band I had in college). I’ve also performed in the Cornell Improvisation Ensemble. I’m definitely interested in collaborating with/jamming with others.

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