Hi Everybody!

My name is Gavin Acres. I’m a second-semester senior, double-majoring in Applied Economics & Management and Communication, while minoring in Information Science.

Coming from a dairy farm, there wasn’t much else to do while milking cows but sing a LOT. I’ve done quite a bit of singing in the past, participating in five musicals and three different vocal groups in high school. I’d be happy to add my baritone voice to any singing you need help with.

I also know how to play rhythm guitar at what I would qualify as an intermediate level. I’ve been writing my own songs for a while now and, since college, have been fiddling with ProTools and Audacity to record them. I really struggle, however, with writing lyrics and would appreciate help in that area during this semester.

I’ve been really getting into indie electronic music for the past couple years, with bands you’ve never heard like Faded Paper Figures and Freelance Whales. I’d like to emulate a sound like these bands whiAs such, I’ve been very interested in how those sounds are created via software interfaces and would like to learn more about synthesizers, mastering, etc.

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  1. I love Freelance Whales!

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