Introduction Ben Kang

Hi y’all, I’m Ben Kang. I’m an Economics major in the college of Arts and Sciences. I grew up around church music in Houston, Texas, and I’ve played keyboard and drums for a while, developing a soul/funk playing style. I play keyboard and do A/V work for the guys back home. I’m always looking for fresh music to listen to and get inspired. I switched from piano performance to musical composition when I was in 8th grade, and since then have been creating orchestral compositional work, one of which is on my soundcloud, benkang99. During my junior year, I started looking into digital music production with software like Ableton and Logic, and starting teaching myself. Since, then I’ve been churning out beats whenever I have time, and I’ve uploaded some of them to soundcloud. My latest work is inspired by 60s-70s funk, and incorporates many of the same instruments, such as the Rhodes keyboard, Hammond organ, and wah clav. I’m looking to get better at producing and working with live bands.

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