Introduction: Daniel Gil

Hi everyone, my name is Daniel Gil. I’m a fourth-year Economics major and I currently live in Richmond, VA. My musical ability includes playing the guitar, piano, and clarinet. I also DJ at local events and venues around Ithaca (my DJ name is erbaKAI, thus explaining my username which probably seemed pretty strange to anyone reading this). My most recent performance was also my biggest so far, playing in front of a crowd of 2,000 for a freshmen orientation event. I decided to take this class because I had previously dabbled in producing music via computer but never got into it as much as I wanted to – I thought this class would be a good opportunity to immerse myself more in production and perhaps ultimately pursue it as a personal hobby. I do not currently have a creative agenda, but this is not surprising, as I tend to achieve inspiration pretty last-minute (nice way of saying I’m a huge procrastinator). Lastly, I would absolutely be interested in collaborating with others.

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