Introduction-Swetha Thiagarajan- Music 1421

Hello Everyone,

My name is Swetha Thiagarajan.  I am from Troy,NY(a really hipster place).  I’m a first semester sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering, while minoring in Business with the Dyson School.  I love playing tennis, and reading books.  I’m currently an RA in Mary Donlon Hall.

I’ve played piano and clarinet since I was in sixth grade.  I was in chorus for five years, but I don’t think I can sing.  I played classical music for six years, and dabbled in jazz band for two years.  I joined the class because I’ve always struggled with creating my own music but it’s always seemed very interesting to me. I don’t necessarily have a lot of previous knowledge about music software and the different editing techniques but I definitely want to learn.  I don’t really have an agenda per say yet and I’d like to make it as the class continues.  I still play piano occasionally and  I am interested in collaborating with others.

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