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I am Isabel, a Senior in the College of Agriculture and Life Science, completing my major with an Interdisciplinary Study in Ethnopharmacology and a minor in Anthropology.

My interests and academic pursuits orbit mostly in the universe of medicine and science. I am a botanist, herbalist, a hobby chemist, and an amateur mycologist. I love being outside and I connect with the earth in very emotional and fundamentally pagan way. Other passions of mine include riding my bike, cooking, listening to and engaging with all types of music, and high-intensity dancing.

I identify, only distantly at this point, as a musician. My capabilities fell apart in the stress and concern for developing other aspects in my life. I have recently returned to this part of myself and have every intention of prioritizing its cultivation once again. I am classically trained in the piano, with some experience in guitar and other stringed instruments. I love to sing and identify that as one of my more remarkable musical abilities.

After living six months abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, it occurred to me that I have a creative inclination towards electronic music in all forms. I have spent years listening to and appreciating electronic and synthetic music, but it had never crossed my mind to actually pursue music for myself in that form. I found myself spending night after night in warehouses on the outside of the city learning to really love and appreciate techno. I went to a CPH Boiler Room, I sat in at noise shows, I actively sought ambient performances that happen (with no prior announcement) in churches across the city, and I returned to America feeling very called to produce electronic music of my own.

I am very fortunate to have had some local friends (who can actually call themselves musicians) to loan me gear and give me advice during this past Summer. I have already begun the arduous process of reorienting my indoctrinated objective mind towards the more emotional predispositions of musical creation, and I am absolutely thrilled to be working through this process, using this course as a tool.

Some of my influences as I move through my own production process are: Björk, Baths, Animal Collective, Grimes, Iglooghost, and SOPHIE.

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