James Rainis – Introduction

Hey guys,

My name is James Rainis and I’m a senior in Communications. I’ve been around music for most of my life, but have been playing guitar and bass for about 8 years. I’m mostly self-taught (I’m trying to teach myself drums at the moment), but benefited greatly from four years of music theory education in high school, which has helped me acquire some rudimentary piano skills. I am an omnivorous music listener and like to try to incorporate a myriad of sounds into the songs I write. I have been recording onto my laptop for several years and am familiar with both Logic Pro and Garageband. I am also currently trying to learn Ableton, but I’m finding the interface to be quite different from anything I’ve worked with before.

I’m extremely excited to begin the meat of this course and am interested in collaboration of all kinds. If you want to jam/need a second opinion on a mix/whatever, I’m down. Looking at everyone’s introductions, I’m sure I can learn a lot from you all!

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