Music 1421 – John Correa

Hello everyone, my name is John Correa. I am a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Statistics and minoring in Business. I have had a love and appreciation for music for as long as I can remember. I played the piano from 1st grade until senior year of high school. In late middle school, I quit piano lesson for a year because I was becoming burned out from my classical training, but soon realized how much I missed playing music and quickly restarted my piano lessons. I also played the cello throughout middle school and was apart of the St. Louis County Middle School Symphony for a year. Most of my earliest musical influences came from my older brothers hand-me-down iPod in the likes of Kid Cudi and early Kanye West. I have no previous experience in producing music, so I am very excited to be able to learn and explore all the tools and resources that this class has to offer. It is my goal to create music that I enjoy listening to and that I can share with those who have similar musical tastes.

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