Music 2421


My name is Christopher Oh, a sophomore in Engineering majoring in Computer Science. I took MUSIC 1421 this past semester and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then, I’ve been playing around with Ableton, Audacity, and my keyboard/midi controller, composing for friends or just for fun.

Otherwise, I have minimal limited musical experience: I took almost a year of classical piano lessons when I was five, and I played trombone in middle school. However, since then, I have been experimenting with chords and improvising to become the self-taught pianist (with lots to learn) I am today. The bulk of my musical experience comes from serving in my church worship team as a keyboardist through middle school and high school. With this, I’ve had the honor of serving at various retreats and other events. On the engineering side of things, I worked as the sound guy for our praise teams as well as children’s ministry and the adults’ service in our main sanctuary. I also worked a lot with Arduinos and other microcontrollers to interface with different sensors and musical instruments and also to make speakers.

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