Nathan Hwang

Hi all,

I’m a senior majoring in Information Science. I started playing the violin when I was very young, and picked up guitar during my freshman year of college. I frequently performed in violin recitals and in my middle school orchestra’s concerts. Only recently I started to play around a bit with Garageband and Ableton, and I hope to learn a lot more about how to use all the different features DAWs have to offer. I haven’t played the violin since high school, but I’ve continued to play the guitar on occasion.

Some producers that got me interested in learning more about music production include Kanye West, Grimes, Ariel Rechtshaid, Max Martin, Flume, DJ Mustard and Daft Punk. As you can probably tell from the names I listed, I’m most interested in hip-hop/pop/dance music, and I hope to create some cool projects in these genres this semester.

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