Nina Knight

hey everyone! I’m Nina. I’m a sophomore in A+S, double majoring in music and biology. I’ve played classical piano for about 13 years, and am continuing to do so here. I love classical music, but I also listen to a variety of artists. Some of my favorites include Radiohead, Grimes, Grizzly Bear, Beck, Bjork, Joanna Newsom….lots of things, including electronic music. I’ve really only ever played one instrument, which traditionally has one particular timbre, but I love the wide variety of sound that can be made with computers and electronic methods like sampling. I want to find out what kind of music I could make with that freedom. I haven’t really tried to learn about electronic music before because I was usually pretty busy with piano, and also a little intimidated by the technical skills necessary to do so. However, I’m hoping that taking this class will make the process more accessible and inspire me as well.

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