Paul Lansky Discussion

Dear Colleagues,

Let me first ask your ideas about the music of Lansky independent of his thoughts on the paper.

First, I have to admit I found the aesthetic in his music quite interesting in general. On the other hand, specifically three Idle Chatter’s does not totally convinced me. In the micro level, the speech particles was very interesting. However, the form which comes out of those in a tonal sense and its cycles make it less interesting for me. Also the the timber and its textural categorization was overly stable. For sure it does not has to neither change, nor transform but since those parameters,  the feeling of beats and tonal expectations sounds together, those works become less interesting for me then the six fantasies or some of his other works.

Maybe the understanding of time is the main cause for this. For instance, in the Steve Reich’s music, maybe the phase shifting ideas makes the works more interesting. Even in the Pendulum Music, the teleological order of the moments makes the constant timbre of mics interesting. However, in Chatters, the understanding of time seems ordinary to me.

What is your opinions?




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