This is Kaav

Hi guys!

My name is Kaavian, but you can call me Kaav! I’m a senior in Biological Engineering and have been looking for a different way to connect with music again. I’ve played the piano for around ten years, and hope to apply to skills to this course. I’ve wanted to learn more about the technical and engineering aspects of developing music with the hopes of being able to develop my own music. I’m a huge fan of experimental and electronic music, and I’m super motivated to dabble in those areas. I’m a tremendous fan of the outdoors and nature, and I’m hoping to experiment with noises and sounds from nature to produce music. I am tremendously interested in collaborating with others and look forward to meeting everyone else. In recent years, I’ve found finding the time to play the piano to be quite difficult. I’m eager, however, to make room for music in my life again.

Aside from all of that, I’m originally from the bay area in California and hope to bring some gnarly California vibes to the group!



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